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Engineering Services

With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to solve any cable assembly and interconnect problem you might face. CableConn's engineering support staff provides you with exceptional support along every step of the engineering process.

Design Assistance

Your Concepts into Functioning Prototypes

Our team helps transform your custom cable, harness and assembly designs into working products.

Reverse Engineering

Your Concepts into Functioning Prototypes

With over 25 years of experience comes the ability to work backwards using product samples to create detailed instructions and documentation for duplicating products.


Initial Concepts & Designs

We provide you with quick turnaround bids and prototypes delivering your products on time and ensuring a smooth production ramp.

Document Management

Secure Backups of All Work-File Docs

We create and catalog indefinitely all manufacturing documentation (drawings, work instructions, bill of materials, assembly aids, etc.) so you will always have access to whatever file you may need for future products and orders.

Design Reviews

Product Reviews for Manufacturability

Our engineering team works alongside your product designers to avoid any potential manufacturing or assembly issues and promising you maximum ability with minimal cost.

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