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Custom Cable Assembly & Wire Harnesses

CableConn offers a wide range of cable assemblies, from the simplest wire prep assembly to complex wire harnesses, high-density assemblies, military and commercial cables for the aerospace, defense, telecommunication, medical, and transportation industries.

CableConn manufactures cable assemblies for power, control, communication, monitoring, and data transfer with round, shielded, flat, and coax cable. We build soldered, crimped, and mass termination assemblies that require epoxies, potting, over-molding, coating, hermetic sealing and ESD sensitive or fragile component handling. We specialize in D-Sub, Micro-D, VHDCI, SCSI, Mate-N-Lock, Mil and Commercial Circular (Mil 38999, Mil 26482, Mil-C-5015, Mighty Mouse), IDC, and much more.

We assemble complete wire harnesses with fully terminated ends using crimped or soldered connectors (from 0.100” Center and larger down to as small as 0.8mm high density signal housings), lugs and terminals (Reds, Blues, & Yellows by any manufacturer up to 4/0 wire), and terminal blocks. Additional modified components include sensors, motors, fans, power supplies, batteries, passive components and electro-mechanical components. Our wire harnesses are built on custom harness boards to ensure precise length and routing of all branches and bundles. Custom functional-testing programs are developed as required.

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