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CableConn Building

About Us

To say CableConn produces high-quality, high-mix, custom cable assemblies is certainly what we do, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Since 1991 CableConn has been transforming our customers’ schematics into deliverable, custom, quality interconnect solutions. CableConn understands that you are the expert for your product. Whether your product flies, drives, floats or dives, works outside, inside, outer-space, underground, underwater, in the office, in the lab, at home or is carried around in your customer’s pocket, your product needs to connect with something. Whether your product is connecting with itself, another device or a power source, accomplishing this can be quite challenging. With over 700 connector, wire and cable companies to choose from, thousands of connector styles, hundreds of material choices, what you call out is just as critical as how your product is laid out. CableConn does not expect you to be an interconnection expert. That is where we come in. That is what we do. That is who we are.

CableConn has been helping customer products connect  to itself, another device, a power source and more importantly, to the marketplace for over twenty-five years. Whether your connection requires high speed, low speed, high power, low power, high density or low density, there are a lot of choices to be made as to how to accomplish this. If you would like help in making these choices, you have come to the right place. Connect with Confidence. Connect with CableConn.

Mission Statement


Core Values




CableConn specializes in providing complete quick turn custom interconnect solutions to high-tech industry.

Industry Knowledge and Experience, Consistent Excellence, Agility, Collaborative Innovation, Development and Growth, Process Improvement, Commitment to Quality

To be an industry leader in turning customer interconnect designs and concepts into deliverable solutions.

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