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CableConn specializes in providing custom, quickturn interconnect solutions to the high-tech industry. We have been translating our customers’ designs and concepts into deliverable interconnect solutions, cable assemblies, and wire harnesses for over 25 years.

Our industry knowledge and experience, coupled with streamlined processes, the newest equipment, and the utilization of enhanced materials, allows us to attain higher frequencies, increased densities, and handle the tough environmental challenges required by our customers.

Getting your products to market in an expedient manner is what we strive to accomplish. CableConn has a commitment to quality that allows our customers to Connect with Confidence.

Custom Cable Assembly & Wire Harnesses

We offer a wide range of cable assemblies, from simple wire prep assemblies to complex wire harnesses, including high-density assemblies, military, and commercial cables. We manufacture assemblies for the aerospace, defense, telecommunication, medical, commercial, and transportation industries.


CableConn specializes in custom RF coax cable assemblies with any style of connector including BNC, SMA, SSMA, SMB, SSMB, SMC TNC, “N”, MCX, MMCX, SMP, GPO™, MINI-SMP, GPPO™, G3PO™, G4PO™, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, and more. We offer high-frequency VSWR & Insertion Loss testing up to 65 GHz, as well as precision cut and/or Phase Matched pairs or sets.

Electromechanical Box Builds

Electromechanical assembly and box-builds are a natural extension of CableConn's expertise building wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Full integration of electromechanical assemblies allows you to pass on the start-to-finish manufacturing responsibility to us so that you can focus on the core competencies of your business.

Engineering Services

With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to solve any cable assembly and interconnect challenge you might encounter. The CableConn project and engineering teams provide you with exceptional support from your initial concept to your dock.

We offer custom mold design and mold fabrication using two-part epoxies. Our staff works with you throughout your design and development phase and carries it through production.

Potting & Molding

In-House Fixtures and Molds

We have a full-service, in-house machine shop allowing us to build in-house fixtures and molds. Our in-house fixtures allow our operators to have the “third hand” they need to build your products faster and more efficiently, inevitably translating into lower costs.

Quality Control & Testing

CableConn is n AS9100 and ISO9001 certified manufacturer of cable assemblies and wire harnesses. We own a wide variety of test equipment including Cirris electrical continuity, Hi-Pot and resistance testers, pull/tensile strength tester, digital oscilloscope, signal generator, power supplies, and network analyzers capable of phase matching and testing up to 65 GHz.

Cable Assembly Tooling

CableConn has automated equipment in place to increase precision and efficiency. We have tooling to support all assemblies from 4/0 to 42 AWG.

Distribution & Kitting

CableConn is a franchised distributor for wire, cable, connectors and interconnect products. We have millions of components available for immediate shipment out of our San Diego warehouse.

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