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Cable Assembly Tooling


Vector Star VNA MS4647B 70GHz w/TDR

VSWR, Insertion Loss, & Phase Match

AMP / Tyco Electronics / TE

2.5A Champomator Amplimite .050″ SCSI II/SCSI III
AMP-O-Matic Pneumatic Strip & Crimp
AMP-O-lectric G-Presses
AMP-O-lectric K-Presses
AMP Autopro Press for Terminals

Agilent / Keysight Technologies

E5071C Vector Network Analyzer 20GHz w/TDR
VSWR, Insertion Loss, & Phase Match

Cirris Systems Corporation

Signature 1000R+
Signature 1000H+


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation

WA22 Pneumatic 3899

Eubanks Engineering

4600 Flat Ribbon / Tubing Cutters
4900 Wire Cutter / Stripper

Framatome Electric

Berg PV2000 Pneumatic Presses

Hirose Electric



ASK2N Presses


(X2) Gamma 255 -

Fully automatic cut, strip, crimp, & tin machine


Raptor II Automatic VHDCI Terminator


CA800 Terminal Press
OATIM/1.5 Automatic Tie-Wrap


Tiger Eye .8mm, .050″, 1mm, 2mm
Mini Mate .100″
Power Mate .165″
Power Strip 5.0mm



MS9480 Multistrip
PS9500 Cut and Strip
ES9320 Cut and Strip
5400, 5300, & 5200 Coax Strip
5300RX Micro Coax Strip
JS8310 & JS8300 Jacket Strip
Unistrip 2600 Wire Strip
Hot Stamp 4140 Wire Marking
1400 Cable Coiler

Thomas & Betts

Vision Engineering

(X2) 12 Ton Hydraulic Presses


Mantis Stereo Magnifier



Mantis Stereo Magnifier


Vertical Harness Braider

Weller/Cooper Hand Tools

Soldering Stations



Delivery Van, 100’s of Hand Tools, Fork Lift