Cable Assembly Tooling

Agilent/Keysight Technologies
E5071C Network Analyzer VSWR

Insertion Loss

AMP / Tyco Electronics
2.5A Champomator Amplimite .050" SCSI II/SCSI III
AMP-O-Matic Pneumatic Strip & Crimp
AMP-O-lectric G-Presses
AMP-O-lectric K-Presses
AMP Autopro Press for Terminals

Cirris Systems Corporation
Signature 1000R+
Signature 1000H+

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation
WA22 Pneumatic 3899

Eubanks Engineering
4600 Flat Ribbon / Tubing Cutters

Framatome Electric
Berg PV2000 Pneumatic Presses

Hirose Electric

ASK2N Presses

Raptor II Automatic VHDCI Terminator

CA800 Terminal Press
OATIM/1.5 Automatic Tie-Wrap

Power and Mini Mate

PS9500 Cut and Strip
ES9320 Cut and Strip
5300 Coax Strip
JS8300 Jacket Strip
JS8310 Jacket Strip
Unistrip 2600 Wire Strip
Hot Stamp 4140 Wire Marking
1400 Cable Coiler

Vision Engineering
Mantis Stereo Magnifier

Weller/Cooper Hand Tools
Soldering Stations

Hundreds of hand tools, fork lift


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